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Welcome to Scrunchie Munchies

Scrunchies are back and masks are the fashion accessory of 2021! As your mum will tell you, hair scrunchies were all the craze back in the 80s and 90s with many brightly coloured material scrunchies stylishly adding to your outfit. It's the latest hair sensation to sweep across Australia! 

Made by Kate, these scrunchies and masks are handcrafted with love and lots of research. These are locally handmade here in Australia with lots of love, care, and dedication.


A Hug in a Box

A random act of kindness, a birthday present or just because you know someone who is in need of a surprise to brighten their dayl


The Scrunchie Munchie Range

I have handmade a range of fabulous scrunchies for a range of occasions. Explore our cotton range that's perfect for school or maybe our luxury range is more your style? Even get festive with a few Christmas scrunchies.


Local School Range


Hair Claws


What everyone is wearing

Can you find your schools colours?

Need a new scrunchie for school? Make sure that you've got your hair essentials covered for the start of the new term. PLC Scrunchies can also be found in the school uniform store with % of profits going to Dolly's Dream charity.

A new way to hold up your hair!

Want to join the latest fashion trend? I've got you covered. No matter if you have thin hair, thick hair, long or short, there is a hair claw for you!

Velvet is in!

Our most popular scrunchie range is velvet. Perfect for school or add a little luxury to those special occasions. So if you want to keep with the trend, explore our velvet range down below.


My Business Story...

My name is Kate. I'm 14 years old and live in Sydney. When I was 11, I was sick of not being able to find beautiful affordable scrunchies in the shops. So I decided to create my own business, learn to sew and make lots of scrunchies for my friends and local kids to enjoy. The range has now expanded to masks (thanks COVID), and hug in a boxes.

Spread the word, and bring a little magic to your day.

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